1. частота
2. повторяемость; встречаемость
frequency in a vacuum
frequency in still air
frequency of maintenance
frequency of occurence
1/rev frequency
acceleration frequency
angular frequency
antiresonance frequency
bandwidth frequency
beam frequency
bending frequency
blade passage frequency
blade passing frequency
bouncing frequency
break frequency
buffet frequency
chord frequency
circular frequency
closed-loop frequency
control frequency
control-surface frequency
controlled frequency
crossover frequency
cumulative frequency
damped frequency
damper frequency
disturbance frequency
Dutch roll frequency
exceedance frequency
excitation frequency
feel system natural frequency
first harmonic frequency
first lag-mode frequency
flap frequency
flapping frequency
flatwise frequency
flexural frequency
flight frequency
fog frequency
forcing frequency
fundamental frequency
gust frequency
harmonic frequency
in-vacuo frequency
in-plane frequency
instability frequency
lag frequency
lag-mode frequency
lead-lag frequency
limit cycle frequency
load cycle frequency
low-megahertz frequency
mechanical frequency
modal frequency
motion frequency
Myklestad frequency
natural frequency
neuromuscular natural frequency
nondimensional frequency
nonrotating frequency
octave band center frequency
one-third octave band center frequency
open-loop frequency
oscillating frequency
oscillatory frequency
phase crossover frequency
PIO frequency
pitch frequency
pitching frequency
plunge frequency
plunging frequency
reduced frequency
resonance frequency
resonant frequency
response frequency
rigid body response frequency
rotating frequency
rotational frequency
rotor frequency
sampling frequency
short-period frequency
single-mode torsional frequency
snap frequency
space frequency
stick frequency
structural frequency
switching frequency
torsion frequency
torsional frequency
uncontrolled frequency
uncoupled frequency
undamped frequency
vibration frequency
wing frequency

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